Friday Only:         $15*

Saturday Only:    $35*

Sunday Only:       $10*

Friday and Saturday:        $45*

Saturday and Sunday:      $45*

All Three Days:                   $55*

*Meals not included



Welcome to the 2014 Big Book Step Study Convention of Alcoholics Anonymous 

October 31, November 1 & 2
on Cape Cod, Massachusetts


Alcoholics wishing to get active and involved in the Convention I’m sure we could use your help. Ask at the registration desk.


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Vision Statement

Having had a spiritual awakening as a direct result of the study and practice of the twelve steps, as they are laid out in the Big Book, we seek to bring together alcoholics from all over the country to share their experience with the steps.  The sole purpose of this convention is to share the solution the Big Book offers so that it may better help us to carry the Big Book message to those alcoholics who still suffer.